2024 Golf Memberships

*Rates include sales tax.
Must have a credit or debit card on file to purchase.
$10 cart fee per day.


Membership w/ Cart


$2400 $200/month
Family Membership $3000 for family member & spouse.
$25 for additional child/full-time student through 22 years old.

Snowbird Membership
(March – November)


$2250 $250/month

Members Receive:

  • One large basket of range balls per day
    (No carryovers from one day to the next)
  • 10% off all food and beverage excluding alcohol
  • 10% off all retail products in the golf shop
  • Option to buy membership on the putting course for $35 per month for up to 4 family members

Membership Terms & Conditions

For additional inquiries, please call us at (931) 388-5143 or email us at


Membership Refunds

Refunds may be considered in extreme and unusual circumstances such as, but not limited to: death, physical disability, or moving out of the area.  Requests for refunds are to be submitted in writing to the General Manage. Should a refund be approved, it will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

– 11+ Months Remaining: 100% Refund

– 10+ Months Remaining: 80% Refund

-9+ Months Remaining: 70% Refund

-8+ Months Remaining: 60% Refund

-7+ Months Remaining: 50% Refund

-6+ Months Remaining: 40% Refund

-less than 6 Months Remaining: 0% – 30% Refund

***Any special or unusual circumstances must be submitted in writing.

The Course at Pillow Springs may revoke the Membership in the event the Member violates the provisions of the Agreement, policies or for undesirable behavior, as determined by the General Manager.

The Course at Pillow Springs policies are not inclusive and may be amended or added as Management deems necessary.  The Golf Course Management reserves the right to post house rules. Such rules will be deemed to be incorporated by reference to the policies, and remain in effect so long as such house rules remain posted.

Use Of Membership

You can obtain a pass at any time of the year. They are valid through the end of the calendar year from the date of purchase an are non-transferable.

Members must register in Pro Shop every time prior to playing.  Members are listed in our customer database with all applicable information including pass expiration date. Members may freeze their Pass for medical reasons at no charge, once per calendar year, for a period no longer than 90 consecutive days. Passes do not apply to tournaments played at The Course at Pillow Springs, other than specific tournaments sponsored by The Course at Pillow Springs for Members. Family Pass includes Father, Mother and children residing in the same household, children must be under 18 years of age or a registered full-time College Student with a valid Student ID. **At the discretion of the General Manager, unusual or extreme Membership requests that are not covered in the previous paragraph will be considered.

Monthly Payment Plan

Call Rick Saxby directly at 931-384-6196 or email him at to get details on our monthly payment plan or any inquiries.

Nondescrimination Statement

The Course at Pillow Springs will accept applications for Memberships from any individual, couple or family of good character and responsible credit background without regard to race, creed, color, handicap status, sex, sexual preference or national origin.